Africa Association of German Industries

The above-named German Business association  was even faster than the Chinese businesspeople. This association has reportedly come out to congratulate Ghana’s president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for what they called “his re-election”.

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The question to the Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V, to use their German name is: Did you see the conflicting figures released by Ghana’s Electoral Commission? Did you realise that the Commission revised it’s own figures of a single election six times?

Is the Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. aware of the shooting and killing of at least nine people on the orders of Akufo-Addo after the election that till today continue to be disputed?

So, for you people, your profit is what matters no matter what? The killing of Ghanaians on the orders of the person you are busy congratulating is insignificant if cash flows into your bank accounts. The life of the ordinary Ghanaian people does not matter to you.

The statement purportedly coming from you makes disturbing reading. The statement mentioned the importance of “continuity” in Ghana so that your business may thrive. Do you see the killing and maiming of Ghanaians as necessary and good for the continuity of your businesses?

To rush and congratulate a leader in a disputed election is tantamount to interfering in another country’s domestic affairs.