7-Year-Old Boy battling for life as  poo stuck in bowel

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A 7 year old boy in Papa Agyei Village in Abuakwa North Municipality in Eastern region is fighting for life after poo stuck in bowel since infancy.

Anane was born with the rare disease hut due to financial challenges, the single mother of Yaw Anane failed to seek early advance medical treatment leaving the condition to deteriorate.

“When I gave birth to him he was unable to ease himself. Because I delivered home the traditional birth attendant asked me administrator enema to evacuate the stool which I did mostly but just small feaces came then seized again.I went to Roman hospital in Nkawkaw but was not successful”.

Anane’s belly has since continue to swell as he suffers convulsions intermittently.

Few weeks ago, his condition deteriorated compelling the mother to take her to the St.Joseph’s hospital but later referred to the Eastern Regional Hospital for further medical attention.

On December 11, 2022, he was diagnosed with hirschsprung disease with abdominal distension and difficulty in passing stool.

Hirschsprung disease is a rare congenital condition where the large intestine (rectal area) lacks a kind of nerve cell called ganglion cells.

It is a condition that causes poo to become stuck in the bowels.

 It mainly affects babies and young children. Normally, the bowel continuously squeezes and relaxes to push poo along, a process controlled by your nervous system.

Hirschsprung disease occurs in 1 of 5000 live births and accounts for 20% of neonatal bowel obstructions.

The most common type is three to four times more common in boys than girls.

A family history can be traced in 7% of cases. There is a mortality rate of 20-25%. Children with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) have a 3-10% risk of also being affected with Hirschsprung disease.

Children who have Hirschsprung’s disease are prone to a serious intestinal infection called enterocolitis which can be life threatening.

Medical Doctors at the Eastern regional hospital says Yaw Anane’s condition is critical hence his referral to Korle Bu Teaching.

Sadly, his mother could not even afford ambulance fee to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital hence took the boy back to Papa Agyei Village perhaps waiting for miracle to happen.

“So recently I sent him to Koforidua Roman Hospital, we subsequently went to the lab for the x- ray. They referred us to Eastern region hospital where they identified the condition and referred us to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital but I didn’t even have money to afford ambulance so I brought my child to the village .I don’t have hope of getting money but will continue to push .I therefore appeal to the public to support me get treatment for the child he is dying slowly”

The condition of Yaw Anane is having serious implications on his education.

The KG1 pupil had to join his colleagues in the village to walk about 14 km daily to Kukurantumi Methodist Basic School however due to his condition hardly attend school.

Yaw Anane appealed to the public to help him undergo surgery to correct his condition.

“I can’t go to toile .My stomach is becoming big I need help so help me “He emotional told EIB-Networks’ Eastern Regional correspondent Kojo Ansah.