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Bush Lifts Trade, Transportation Sanctions on Libya

21/09/2004 ANA 0

Washington, 20 September, 2004- &#8211 President Bush has lifted trade, commercial and travel sanctions on Libya with an executive order declaring an end to the national emergency declared by former president Ronald Reagan in January […]

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AFGHANISTAN: Observers question election’s credibility

18/09/2004 ANA 0

Kabul, 17 September, 2004- &#8211 A local think-tank has questioned the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s October elections. The Kabul-based AREU (Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit) has outlined key challenges and recommendations to boost the credibility and […]

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Freedom House Urges Nigeria to Release Journalists

16/09/2004 ANA 0

New York,15 September, 2004- &#8211 Freedom House urges the Nigerian government of President Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene immediately and release the four media professionals held in security detention and charged with treason. Press freedom has […]

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