ZongoNews Editorial: Global Education – (Part 1) by Lesley Shepperson

Lesley Shepperson

Education at any time can be challenging but add to that the challenge of moving to another country with a different language, culture and educational system, qualification framework, values and beliefs and the number of complexities are difficult to imagine let alone navigate. 

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In March 2017 the United Nations estimated the current world population to be 7.5 billion with a current growth rate of 1.11%, an estimated average population change of 80 million per year.  Figures also estimate that Africa accounts for 1.2 billion or 16.6% of the world’s population with a current growth rate of 2.5% or a 30 million population change per year. 

Migration of peoples is not a new phenomenon in fact it is estimated that 244 million people do not live in the country that they were born in.  But what does this mean for the education landscape both within Africa and the countries that migrating populations travel to? What is the impact on the education journey and what are the adjustments that can be made to support this journey? 

The reasons for migration are many and varied and although there are many benefits, it can be said that migrants themselves enter a world where they can become the most vulnerable members of their new society as they re-orientate to their new surroundings. 

United Nations recently reported that nearly two thirds of all international migrants worldwide live in Europe or Asia and of the 244million international migrants 14%, 34 million, were born in Africa. 

Over the following months we will be exploring the concept of education and the education systems within migration hotspots.  We will also be seeking to identify the available support for education and education transition for children and those wishing to further their studies in their new country. 

Lesley Shepperson 

Lesley Shepperson is Managing Director at Shepperson & Shepperson Consultants LTD 


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