Rawlings Confers With Egyptian Prime Minister

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and President Rawlings
Ghana’s former President and African Union High Representative for Somalia, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, has praised the government and people of Egypt for the able manner they have managed the political transition in their country.

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He noted that a lot of work needed to be done to keep the wheels of the revolution oiled in order to satisfy the expectations of the people.

Speaking during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Egypt, Essam Sharaf, in Cairo on Tuesday, President Rawlings commended the government and people for the contributions they have made towards the humanitarian situation in Somalia and other Horn of Africa countries.

Egypt pledged 30 million Egyptian pounds (5 million US dollars) in cash and kind towards the humanitarian crisis during the Pledging Conference held in Addis Ababa on August 25.

President Rawlings who was in Egypt to participate in a Retreat of African Union Envoys organized by the Peace and Security Council of the AU, said he had learnt that Egypt had already sent four aircraft with food and supplies as well as medics who are currently in Mogadishu.

Egypt is also sending shipping vessels to convey a further 1,000 tons of supplies to Somalia.

The AU High Representative expressed concern about the plight of women and children in particular and spoke of the need for this to be highlighted. He said his experiences in Mogadishu were particularly touching and the sight of the suffering of women and children had motivated further, his quest to assist in the resolution of conflict in Somalia.

The Egyptian Prime Minister was grateful to President Rawlings for his work on Somalia and extended an arm of additional assistance to Somalia, asking the AU High Representative to return with a list of areas and items of assistance required.

President Rawlings indicated that the problems of Somalia could only be resolved by involving all Somalis in the process and that in his capacity he needed all the advise and assistance he could get from countries like Egypt who had a better understanding of the issues on the ground.