New DMEA video podcast series on digitization in the healthcare sector

Berlin, 26.03.2019 Prof. Dr. Christian Wache and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Breil have already produced 75 episodes of their eHealth podcast together with Prof. Dr. Renato Dambe. Both have now changed medium for DMEA and are taking a look at the topics of DMEA – Connecting Digital Health in the video podcast (Vodcast for short), which will take place from 9 to 11 April at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

  • Episode 1: conhIT becomes DMEA
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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Breil and Prof. Dr. Christian Wache in conversation with Sebastian Zilch, Managing Director of Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT – bvitg e. V., the organizer of DMEA.

  • Episode 2: Young Professionals and Startups at DMEA

The guests are Dr. Paul Brandenburg, physician and CEO of DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung GmbH, Janina Beck, Quality Manager, German Cancer Research Centre DKFZ Heidelberg, and Quality and Risk Manager at Startup mediaire GmbH.

  • Episode 3: Digital Medicine

The guests are Vivian Otto, Managing Director of the eHealth start-up Jourvie and Maike Henningsen, physician and expert in digital medicine.

Episode 4: Digitisation in nursing care

The guests are Sandra Postel, Vice President of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Chamber of Hygiene, and Sebastian Zilch, Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT – bvitg e.V. (Federal Association for Health IT – bvitg).

  • Episode 5: Health IT

The guests are Heike Dewenter, Head of Competence Unit Data Modeling and Standardization, CompuGroup Medical SE, and Bernd Christoph Meisheit, Managing Director of Sana IT Services GmbH.

About DMEA

DMEA replaces conhIT – Connecting Healthcare IT and thus follows the strategic further development with the goal of mapping the entire digital supply chain in all process steps in the future. The DMEA will be gradually expanded to become a platform for all digital areas that affect the players in the healthcare system today and in the future. The DMEA is aimed at decision-makers from all areas of health care – from hospital managers and IT managers to doctors and nursing service managers to health politicians and experts from science and research. As an integrated overall event with trade fair, congress, academy and networking, it offers participants the opportunity to inform themselves about current developments and products in digital health care, to make contacts in the industry and to further their education at a high level.

The DMEA is organised by the Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT – bvitg e.V. (Federal Association for Health IT – bvitg e.V.) and organised by Messe Berlin. It is also organised in cooperation with the industry associations GMDS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Bietrie und Epidemiologie) e.V., BVMI (Berufsverband Medizinischer Informatiker) e.V. and with the content participation of KH-IT (Bundesverband der Krankenhaus-IT-Leiterinnen/Leiter) e.V. and CIO-UK (Chief Information Officers – University Clinics). The three-day event takes place every year in April at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.