MOSOP Charge Voters, Government on Peaceful Elections

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MOSOP President Fegalu Nsuke

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called on federal authorities and the Ogoni electorates to ensure that tomorow’s elections and subsequent elections in Nigeria are peaceful and free from any acts of violence.

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In a statement issued today and signed by its president, Fegalo Nsuke, the Movement said it was particularly concerned about the use of soldiers to “harass and intimidate voters and political opponents.

“We urge both government, voters and party supporters to ensure a free and peaceful conduct of all elections during this period.” 

The statement stressed that MOSOP was pleased that “at this time we have not seen any sign of heavy militarization ahead of tomorrow’s elections and will urge the government and security agencies to ensure that the elections are peaceful and devoid of any form of violence and state-sponsored intimidation as we have seen in previous elections. 

“It our hope that this election will mark a departure from our previous experiences in Ogoni where military crackdown led to the death of many and voters were intimidated by security personnel and chased away from voting centers. 

The statement called on Ogonis to be courageous and exercise their voting rights freely and charge all voters to conduct themselves peacefully for the sake of Ogoni and Nigeria.