Merkel: Improving the living conditions of children and parents a priority

Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Children should have optimal conditions for development – regardless of their parents’ income. This applies both in Germany and worldwide, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her current podcast. Next Tuesday is International Children’s Rights Day.

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The Chancellor stresses that improving the living conditions of children and parents is at the heart of her policy. For the coming year among other things an increase of the child exempt amount and the child benefit is to be decided. For it altogether ten billion euro would be used.

In addition, the Good Day Care Law would make 5.5 billion euros available to the federal states. The goal was to improve the quality of child care and to lower fees.Furthermore, the law also aims is to create more scope for families and better equal opportunities for children – because “equal opportunities are the decisive factor for children”, said the Chancellor.

“Children are not only our future in Germany, but also worldwide,” says Chancellor Merkel. It is also in Germany’s interest that children have development opportunities in their home countries. This is another reason why Germany has greatly increased its commitment to humanitarian aid and is now the world’s second-largest donor with 1.7 billion euros.

In doing so, the Federal Government is focusing above all on cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF. The objectives of the Development Agenda 2030 are also very much geared to the development of children, for example through educational opportunities and sensible health care.