LEGAL PERSPECTIVE: Business continuity and corona epidemic by Dr AbdelGadir Warsama Ghalib, Legal Counsel, Bahrain

Business as usual as normal all over and suddenly “Corona Epidemic” came up. A new killing dangerous virus, appears and instantly covers all the globe and wherever embarks many young or old people fall and die and more catastrophes are yet to come. The whole world, with all its endless power, is now trembling under the hands of this unwelcomed unseen tiny virus. What to do, all are facing this dreadful awkward uncontrollable virus, with bare empty hands and minds.

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This is an unprecedented fact, that needs new approach and new look to face and fight back. This is needed from Governments, NGOs and every person on the Earth. All Governments shall put strong policies to completely eradicate this epidemic. And every person shall follow suit and obey instructions to the maximum. We believe, NGOs shall take more positive roles in filing the gap between Governments and their citizens and give hands to both sides.

No doubt, during and thereafter Corona Epidemic, business is no longer as usual nor as normal. All business sectors are gravely affected by the spread of the virus. Economic and global trading activity is completely broken and more is yet to come. No save locker for any business or business warriors, unless the virus chain has been penetrated and defeated.

However, in business, we need to take this sad experience as good lesson for near or far future. Business minds should grip any opportunity. We need to relook into our business strategies and reshape them in a way that will enable sustainability and continuity. There are many essential points to be considered, including, elastic regulations that enable your movement, rules for e-work with e-professionalism and advanced counter measures to face cybercrimes. You need to prepare yourself and your business for such new developments. Preparations also should take care of physiological effects on you and work mates. This may require new staff or resifting, with the possibility of outsourcing in certain cases. The new look requires that you redefine your objectives to fetch potential opportunities with new challenges. There is a need to relook into your budget and how and where to add or cut with the availability of reserves.

We believe that, such measures are necessary to enable businesses to sustain, continue and grow irrespective of the business risks coming from Coronavirus or otherwise.